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The Rejection of Jesus

Jesus suffered rejection in many ways. He was rejected physically and emotionally when he was beaten and mocked by the Roman soldiers. He endured incredible rejection for hours in his body and in his soul, but it was in his spirit that he would have to endure the most painful rejection of all.

For Jesus to take on the sin of the world, he would have to endure the REJECTION OF THE FATHER.

While on the cross, Jesus said “Father, why have you rejected (forsaken) me?

God is holy and therefore, he cannot look upon sin. He sent Jesus to be a perfect sacrifice for sin by taking on a human form that could redeem us from sin. To do that, Jesus had to become sin even though he himself never sinned. He obediently went to the cross to endure our sin and shame, so that we could take on his righteousness and not have to tolerate REJECTION from others, ourselves or be REJECTED by God. It is through our acceptance of Jesus as our savior from our sin that gives us this ability to be seen by God as sinless and chosen by God. His sacrifice is what makes us free from these lies that the enemy tries to deceive us with. So if you feel rejected and unworthy, remember that Christ died so that you could be redeemed from that root of REJECTION. You honor Jesus by not agreeing with the enemy’s lies, but instead standing in the truth that Jesus paid the price for you and you will not tolerate REJECTION any longer.

(John 19:1-42).

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