Testimonials from students & clients of Journey U.
NOTE: The 4 Truths & A Lie curriculum rebranded in 2023 and is now called Trace Modeling – Tracing Back Negative Life Patterns So You Are Free To Move Forward.

Jay A.

“Journey U helps you deal with the issues of your past and present, so you can live with more liberty in the present and future.

Journey U is the only ministry I’m aware of that so comprehensively shares truths of the Christian life that help you receive and fully enjoy the blessings of God, readily available to us as his children. Journey U unlocks potential for what God has already so richly provided us.

The Journey U ministry has power, helping you live more closely in the presence and love of God, which is really what life is all about.”

Amy B.

“I started the class series in 2022, it was one of the best self-care decisions I’ve ever made! I originally started Journey U to learn about spiritual gifts, and warfare but ended up finding SO much more. There sincerely isn’t a Christian I know of, that wouldn’t benefit from the process. For me, it’s been kind of like a deep dive-Holy Spirit guided personal tour of healing (that I didn’t even know I needed!). I just registered for OVERCOME & am excited to continue my personal journey.”

Demitris C.

“I have had the opportunity to receiving support from Journey University, 4 Truths and A Lie. The classes set me on a path of healing, restoration, and true freedom.
I look forward to attending the remaining classes.”

Felicia G.

“I personally recommend Journey U Ministries and Laura Bradshaw. I have taken the Level 1 and Level 2 classes and they are LIFE CHANGING. Laura Bradshaw and this ministry have been a tremendous blessing to my life and also helped in how to deal with relationships, TRUTH and how to recognize the lies of the enemy. I recommended that every individual, married couples, families, ministries and churches or anyone to participate in taking these classes. You will be forever changed. I rank Journey U Ministries and Laura Bradshaw as 5 stars because that is how much this ministry and Laura have been a blessing to me and my ministry as well.”

Christie C.

“I was married for 16 years, and after my divorce in 2018, a friend suggested Journey U to me. I attended two six-week classes (4 Truths & a Lie) and received more healing in those twelve weeks than I imagined. I not only learned about myself, but I learned about the spiritual law of sowing and reaping. Most importantly, learning to trace the “fruit to the root” has been an invaluable lesson I continue implementing in my daily life. I am forever changed because of this course…I am happier, more at peace with myself and others, and no longer need to condo people or situations because I follow the Road Map and allow God to be God.

Saying “thank you” for this healing will never be enough. You all are a blessing, and I pray you continue to bless and help others for a long, long time.”

Karen C.

“My husband and I highly recommend Journey U and Laura Bradshaw. Since signing up for my first class about 10 months ago, God has changed my heart and healed me of traumas, hurts and heart wounds. Now, I walk a new way; I am learning to love like God loves and this has affected every area of my life. Also I have discovered that it is a privilege to walk in forgiveness and repentance daily. What joy and freedom this brings. Thank you Laura…praise the LORD!”

Dena W.

“Such a good place! best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!”

Chris M.

“God used the skilled prayer ministers and classes at Journey U to provide me with deep inner healing of mind, soul and body. I was brought into great hope, comfort, forgiveness, cleansing, wholeness, surrender, freedom, peace and joy. Their emotional support and Biblical guidance have been invaluable to my family and I! I cannot recommend Journey U enough to anyone seeking God’s solutions to their pain & problems.”

Jill B.

“I was hiking with a friend at Dana Peak. The lake is so low right now that we were literally able to walk in the lakebed. It was really a neat morning hike. As we were hiking, I had the opportunity to share pieces of my testimony- related to the 5rs , spiritual law and how I find freedom in walking out the sanctification process- connecting a few aspects of my story to a current stronghold that my friend and her husband are walking through. As this was naturally taking place— I notice that we are walking beside dead things – trash that had been buried in the lake that is now exposed on this dry lakebed. We walked past an old boat motor, a tattered boat seat, clusters of unlabeled bottles. It was a beautiful picture for part of the inner healing journey. Those things are crucified. Those sinful responses, lies, inner vows, bitter root expectancies are nailed to the cross- covered in his grace. I don’t want them. I don’t want to fix them up. I don’t want to pick them up. I’m not that person anymore.

But, I can walk past them- and know that they are part of my testimony. God loves me and he redeemed my life!! What was hidden is no longer hidden- no longer secret—no longer a burden. I am set free! I am so thankful to Journey U for teaching me to walk the road of sanctification and helping me to break free from the chains that bound me”

Jess G.

“I took the class as a way to help me understand myself and my situation better. I had tried other programs, which helped scratch the surface, but I felt that this one was getting to the core of my problems. I really loved the video group calls that we would do, it helped me feel like I wasn’t the only one dealing with something.”

Laura S.

“Journey U gave me so much wisdom, clarity and understanding that rooted out a lot of core lies in my heart. My heart was brought into right alignment and into a renewed rhythm with God’s Truth. I learned how to break off judgments and lies that entangled my identity through traumas. This ministry really does bring healing and deliverance for those that have been wounded and beaten down by lies.”

Karen R.

“I started journey U June of 2021.I am so grateful to be a part of this ministry I highly recommend Journey U to all people, it is changing my life in a positive way! Through prayer, scripture, and counseling in a Christian setting with God all things are possible.”

Joy K.

“Journey U has opened my eyes to God and instantly drew me closer in my relationship with Jesus. This ministry is for anyone young or old who wants a closer walk with The Lord. The subjects covered in 4 Truths and a lie are eye opening into the character of God. They drill deep but like Christ says his yoke is easy and burdens light. They way they present Gods Truths make is so easy to understand. JU is a wonderful and safe place for healing through the Truth of Gods words. I highly recommend it.”

Isaac B.

“Through Journey U’s curriculum and inner healing sessions, the entire trajectory of our marriage and future generations have been radically changed to be in sync with God will.

Thank you!”

Karen W.

“Incredible Ministry! REAL PEOPLE, serving REAL PEOPLE, in service to the ONLY TRUE GOD!”

Niambi C.

“Journey U has been a God send, and the 4 Truths curriculum has been life-changing! Laura and her team have helped my family and me through our difficult times, including grief and loss. They have gone above and beyond in prayer and training to assist us in our healing. I highly recommend Journey U. Let them be a part of your healing journey! It’s well worth it!”

Wes P.

“Amazing organization that uses Gods truth to bring change into the life of a believer!! This is spirit filled counseling guided by His Spirit.”

Jackie C.

“I took a couple of classes I enjoyed them; I learned a lot. Then took more online classes that were worth it, and I even took the dream class offered from one of their affiliates. I enjoy taking those classes as well.”

Gayle W.

“I had a great experience with the 4 Truths & A Lie classes. I completed both Level 1 and Level 2. I personally have been in a Spirit-Filled church for more than 27 years and have a 2-year completion certificate in Biblical Studies from one Bible School, and earned an associate degree in Biblical Studies, just recently from an accredited Bible College.

However, I found the material for the classes was very good to help one reflect on what one believes to be true and what is the Truth. I enjoyed the classes and looked forward to meeting each week with the breakout groups. The classes were beneficial to me as I navigate a healing breast cancer holistically. I felt emotional trauma and healing were much needed during this journey and found much insight in the Journey U classes. I have recommended them time and time again to others and will continue to do so.”

Rosario G.

“Priceless journey and like walking around a “Clutter Free Life” , it’s a healing inside out”

Teri W.

“Before going to Journey U, I struggled with the effects of decades of severe trauma. My first visit brought the assurance of healing and deliverance through Christ. Everyone I encountered was loving, kind and full of the Holy Spirit! I have been a part of Journey U for over three years now, taking classes and private prayer ministry sessions, and it has been the most incredible life changing experience! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago and it put an end to my career as a paramedic on an ambulance. It had gotten so bad that I could not get out of bed and walk standing straight up for an hour, I had to have my husband help me shower, dry off, and get dressed every day!! My kids were scared because of how bad my health was. Thank God for Angie Aberle telling me about Journey U!! I am no longer afflicted with fibromyalgia and have not taken a med for it in over 3 years!!! I had to forgive and repent then repeat! It takes deep healing which is what I got from Journey U! I am so grateful for their obedience to do what the Lord has called them to do! God is good when we are obedient!!”

Austin B.

“Amazing things happen within the walls of this place. Lives changed, heart wounds healed and people equipped to serve!!”

David & Karen W.

“When we began at Journey U my husband & I had been dealing with the loss of our 24 yr. old son. Knowing we needed help, we sought council there which led us both to take Journey U classes. We have gained tools to help us work through our lifetimes worth of trauma. We have gained much healing and focused insight into our goals of true freedom in Christ.”

LeeAnn S.

“What brought me to Journey U initially was anxiety and my overwhelming need to control issues in my life. This wonderful ministry helped me to learn to trust God in all things. It has been life changing.”

Melissa K.

“I initially went to Journey U to help improve my relationship with my teenage daughter as well as to heal from major betrayal from my siblings after the death of my father. Dana was so gentle in leading me in the realizations of past trauma in my own life going all the way back to early childhood. As a result of these powerful, Christ-centered prayer ministry sessions, I am now able to better recognize or discern where so many negative emotions, especially rejection, stem from and how to overcome them. My relationship with my daughter has become stronger and I have been led to forgive my siblings and not hold on to bitterness. I am a work-in-progress but these sessions have given me such a deeper understanding of Jesus and what it means to take your burdens to the Cross of Christ.”