The Open Door of Disappointment

Disappointment is a genuine and valid emotion that can have significant impacts on relationships if not managed properly. It arises when our desires or assumptions are not met, leading to feelings of hurt and frustration. Throughout my life, I’ve encountered disappointment in various forms – whether in myself, others, or even God.

If I’m being fully transparent, it is most often when I don’t get my way. If I’m being fully vulnerable, it most often tempts me to feel rejected.

One poignant instance of this was when my parents decided to relocate to San Antonio. After living just minutes away from them for decades, the news of their move came as a shock to me and my family. The prospect of such a significant change brought about genuine disappointment and hurt for all of us.

Struggling to empathize with their decision, we found it challenging to genuinely celebrate their new journey. What compounded the situation was their disappointment at our own disappointment, leading to a strained relationship where both parties were consumed by their hurt and frustration. It created a rift in the relationship.

Our disappointment opened the door to the spirit of DIS. The spirit of DIS is like an octopus that sits on your head and messes with your mind. Each tentacle represents another word that starts with “dis”:

  • Discarded
  • Discomfort
  • Disconnected
  • Discounted
  • Discouraged
  • Dishonored
  • Disliked
  • Displaced
  • Disregarded
  • Distrust
  • Distance
These are just a few of the “dis” words that will creep in when we experience disappointment and try to squeeze the life out of us.
Disappointment often leads to disillusionment, clouding our perspective and preventing us from seeing beyond our own emotions. This theme resonates throughout scripture, as seen in the disappointment experienced by figures like John the Baptist and the disciples when Jesus didn’t fulfill their earthly expectations.
Moreover, succumbing to the spirit of DIS can pave the way for other tormenting spirits, such as comparison, victimhood, rejection, abandonment, and self-hatred. These spirits exacerbate our feelings of disappointment, leading to a downward spiral of negative emotions.
In conclusion, disappointment is a powerful emotion that, if left unchecked, can open the door to a host of destructive thoughts and feelings. However, by acknowledging and addressing our disappointments with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to see beyond our own perspective, we can navigate through them without succumbing to the spirit of DIS and its accompanying torment.
Top of Form Pray and ask the Lord to help you recognize the areas in your life where you have come into agreement with the spirit of DIS. Repent for relinquishing control to that spirit and any other spirits that are tormenting you. Let go through forgiveness and let God heal the parts of your heart that were wounded.

by Laura Bradshaw
Image by Dima Pechurin