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Giving Tuesday

As we approach giving Tuesday on November 28th, we wanted to share an update on the accomplishments of Journey U for 2023 and the goals of 2024 for Journey U.2023 

Journey U Accomplishments:

Completed writing of 8-course curriculum– Trace Modeling: Tracing Back Negative Life Patterns So You Are Free To Move Forward (8 courses: 6 classes each totaling 48 Lessons total)• 

Videotaping – We have taped all 8 courses of the Trace Modeling Curriculum and are in the process of the video editing of 2 of the 8 courses.

Online Self-Pace Platform – We have been working diligently on the development of an online self-paced platform for our students to do the Trace Modeling curriculum at any time of the day. 

72 Students who have taken the curriculum this year.

HealingStrong Ministry Partnership – Laura partnered with HealingStrong as a speaker on their online Podcast in August this year and Angie partnered with HealingStrong as a speaker at their 10-year anniversary conference in September. Journey U is so honored and privileged to be partners with this amazing ministry that serves those who are overcoming cancer and other chronic illnesses through Body, Soul, and Spirit Healing.2024 Journey U Expansion Goals:

Website Outreach – Our goal is to update and expand our website to help direct more people who are seeking the Lord through Inner Healing to find our ministry through online funneling which reaches people online through search engines.

 Online Self-Pace Platform– Our goal is to complete our self-pace platform that will enable our students to do the Trace Modeling curriculum courses at their own pace online any day of the week and at any time. This will enable those who have difficult schedules or time zone issues to do the courses that they otherwise could not do at set times and days

Video editing – We have a goal to complete the editing of the remaining 6 of the 8 Trace Modeling courses so that they can be uploaded to our online self-paced platform.

Book Publishing – Laura is in the process of writing a book that goes with the Trace Modeling Curriculum and will need a literary agent, publisher, and book rights protection. This book will help bring speaking opportunities within Churches and other Christian venues so that the Trace Modeling Curriculum can be brought into the Churches and implemented within them as well as connect believers to the online platform.• 

Scholarships -Our goal is to reach as many people as we can and we never want finances to limit someone from an opportunity to grow in Christ. We would like to set a goal of 35 students for scholarships at $1,000 each. Our entire Expansion Goal budget is $150,000 and will cover the above-listed items. The donations that are made today will go toward these goals and we thank you for partnering with us financially to accomplish them. We could not do any of this without your support and encouragement.

There are 5 ways you can give 

$1. Writing a Check to Journey U and mail to: 25023 Morris Park Ct. Spring, TX 773892. 
3. Venmo: @JourneyU
4. Website:
5. Please consider being a JourneyU partner through monthly giving
Step 1- Go to:
Step 2- Under “General Fund” enter the amount giving
Step 3- Under “Frequency” enter monthly
Step 4- Enter your personal information
Step 5- Enter your payment information
Step 6 – Submit

Please also feel free to spread the word about our ministry to others so they can connect with us and begin their healing journey! May God richly BLESS you for your giving into His Kingdom and bring abundance back to your household!

In Christ,
Laura Bradshaw

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