Don’t Stop Believing

by Liz VanSteenhouse

Jesus instructed us to BELIEVE.…and then He reminded me the other day, “DON’T STOP BELIEVING.” …but sometimes I struggle with believing, so I tell Him my struggles…being honest with Him, Jesus meets me where I’m at—I pray something like, “LORD, I BELIEVE, HELP my unbelief!!!!!” (Mark 9:24) LET’s BE REAL—So important—be humble, honest, and real with Him in our struggles!…..childlike faith invites MIRACLES. * JESUS IS MERCIFUL AND COMPASSIONATE.* JESUS CARES, LISTENS, AND ANSWERS PRAYER. * JESUS IS TRUSTWORTHY & ALL POWERFUL HEALER. * PRAYER BRINGS HEAVEN TO EARTH !!!* JESUS COMMANDS US – BELIEVE.“..Stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus…” (Acts 4:30) I’m fervently PRAYING for GOD to step into our situations this morning. There is so much pain and suffering in our world. I KNOW just ONE MOMENT in His Presence changes everything for the better!! PLEASE COME LORD, we are turning from our ways to YOUR WAYS, PLEASE COME HEAL OUR LAND.

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