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The 5 Love Languages of Children: The Secret to Loving Children Effectively by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

Publisher’s Summary:

More than 1 million sold!
You know you love your child. But how can you make sure your child knows it?

The #1 New York Times bestselling The 5 Love Languages® has helped millions of couples learn the secret to building a love that lasts. Now discover how to speak your child’s love language in a way that he or she understands.
Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell help you:

  • Discover your child’s love language
  • Assist your child in successful learning
  • Use the love languages to correct and discipline more effectively
  • Build a foundation of unconditional love for your child

Plus: Find dozens of tips for practical ways to speak your child’s love language.

Discover your child’s primary language—then speak it—and you will be well on your way to a stronger relationship with your flourishing child.

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers: The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively by Gary Chapman

Publisher’s Summary:

Over 600,000 copies sold! Socially, mentally, and spiritually, teenagers face a variety of pressures and stresses each day. Despite these pressures, it is still parents who can influence teens the most, and The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers equips parents to make the most of that opportunity.

In this adaptation of the #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages (more than 10 million copies sold), Dr. Gary Chapman explores the world in which teenagers live, explains their developmental changes, and gives tools to help you identify and appropriately communicate in your teen’s love language.

Get practical tips for how to:

  • Express love to your teen effectively
  • Navigate the key issues in your teen’s life, including anger and independence
  • Set boundaries that are enforced with discipline and consequences
  • Set boundaries that are enforced with discipline and consequences

Get ready to discover how the principles of the five love languages can really work in the life of your teenage and family.

Discover the power of building a healthy relationship with God and each other.

Can one person fight for their relationship? Yes! Through conducting regular health checks with this Book Journal will help individuals and couples fully experience how remarkable this process can be!

Find freedom from your past wrongs and current struggles by openly and honestly assessing your relationship journey.  Our hand-crafted Book Journal is a superb tool to help you learn and practice how to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Grow spiritually
  • Manage conflict powerfully
  • Adopt a view on physically intimacy that leads to intimacy
  • Place leisure in it’s correct place
  • Assume the correct selfless posture
  • Parent with the correct compass, and more….

Successful Children: Nurturing a Servant Heart

Publisher’s Summary:

We intend to help parents and children SERVE whole-heartedly and biblically, LOVE through a personal relationship with Christ and people, PRAY continuously as a means to empower families, then REPEAT by sharing with others what is learned. Our daily habits are the activities that drive our outcomes and help us obtain the things we want in life. In this book we discuss how simple and possible it is to help your child be successful, even at an early age. The framework is about installing what is found to be a major component missing in many families called a “Servant Heart”.
Dane and Paola’s heart is to help families return to the essence of serving, living, and restoring the way Christ intended us to live.

The Family Letter: How to Intentionally Develop a Culture of Honor, Encouragement & Value with Your Loved Ones by Debi Ronca

There is a deep longing in our hearts to be known, loved and celebrated. We want to know what value and uniqueness our life brings to this world. Unfortunately, due to the busyness of life and the impact of social media, we have lost the power of communicating those life-giving words that literally can fill the void in our hearts and our thirsty souls. If you want to learn how to intentionally develop a culture of honor, encouragement and value with your loved ones, The Family Letter will equip you with a proven method that is both simple and powerful. It is filled with practical steps and strategies to help you understand the power of your words and will help you release them into the hearts and lives of your family and other significant relationships. The Family Letter has become a tradition in our home, and we have witnessed the transforming impact that it has had on our children, our marriage and other significant relationships in our lives. Speak life and you can change a life. It’s never too late! Creating legacy and the richness of empowering another person’s life is all found in the contents of The Family Letter.