Laura Bradshaw


Laura has been in ministry since 2011. She is an author, speaker, life coach and prayer minister. During her time at Journey U she has launched many Christ followers into their callings as well as seeded into many new ministries. Laura is motivated by seeing believers in Christ walk in the true purposes that God has called them to through healing, training, and equipping the Body of Christ.

Laura brings a unique perspective gained from her testimony and paired with Biblical truth that empowers others as they apply the “Trace Modeling” Curriculum in their own lives.

Speaking Topics:

  • 4 Truths That Affect Every Relationship
  • Tracing Back Negative Life Patterns So You Are Free to Move Forward
  • The Ongoing Impact of Unmet Needs and How They Keep Us Stuck
  • Spiritual Gifts and Their Warfare
  • Saying Goodbye to The Demons of Your Past
  • Joshua 11: Don’t Just Defeat It, Destroy It
  • How To Know and Fulfill Your God Given Purpose
  • Battling Rulers and Spiritual Forces of Evil
  • Perspective Verses Truth
  • Trauma’s Effect on Your Everyday Choices

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