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Jesus, Our Defense System

Jesus, Our Defense System by Angela Aberle

I was thinking about Israel’s Iron Dome defense system and how it is very parallel

to how a believer activates their shield of faith against the fiery darts of the enemy.

The enemy comes at a believer with a fiery dart (a lie, a temptation to believe

something false about themself, others or God). The believer then has the choice to

agree with the lie (let the rocket strike his/her land) or reject the lie by bringing it

into the submission of Christ (striking the rocket down). We must see ourselves as a

microcosm of what is occurring in Israel. There will be no peace in our land (in us)

without Christ, just as there will be no peace in Israel without Messiah/Jesus Christ!

The soul will never be at peace until Jesus comes and brings His peace to the heart.

It is why there is so much chaos and confusion going on in our world. The enemy’s

Kingdom is being exposed and uprooted. God’s Kingdom is coming. Keep fighting

the good fight and keep your spiritual armor on.

Jesus is our Iron Dome and only HE can take out the true enemy in realms we cannot see!

Ephesians 6:12