Eye of the Tiger and Heart of the Lion by Brandi Toups

What is the meaning of “eye of the tiger?”

Having the “eye of the tiger” means being laser-focused on achieving a singular goal.
The “eye of the tiger” as a symbol of single-minded determination.
Like humans, tigers have eyes that face forwards. This gives us both what is known as binocular vision.  However, tigers’ binocular vision is far more advanced than that of humans.  This allows them to assess distances and spatial depth with extraordinary accuracy (Spiritually speaking this would be discernment).
Another unique thing about tigers’ eyes is that they have more rods than cones.

Rods are what allow us to accurately see shapes, while cones are responsible for the ability to see color. Tigers hunt at night, and a high rod count allows them to detect movement.

Cats only require 1/6 of the light that humans do to see, so they can see unbelievably well in the dark.  This metaphorically represents the image of a type of desperation and laser-focused determination that can help one achieve unbelievable things.

In either case, one will prove that one has the heart of a LION. Do you have the heart of a Lion?
Many are called but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14) It starts by having a heart for THE Lion because He came as a lamb but will return as a LION! To see in the DARK we need to see as the eye of a tiger!
By Brandi Toups

Image by Efe Yadiz Sovsal

Image by Arleen Wiese