Dancing With Jesus

Dancing with Jesus by Brandi Toups

My husband taught me to country Western dance, I was 16 or 17..(we’ve known each other since we were 14)

so this was AWHILE back lol. I actually love to dance even though I’m not very good at it. I can remember when

he was teaching me to dance he kept telling me…let me lead!..let me lead! It’s funny now but it was kind of frustrating

back then.  I didn’t even realize I was fighting him for the lead. I was just having fun. It made me laugh at my

awkwardness. The Lord brought this memory to mind to show me something. He does this from time to time to make

something very clear to me and I love it, sometimes though it brings me to my knees.

We are all in our own little boat right now but this boat is not out on nice calm waters..it is out on an open sea in the middle

of an angry storm.  With threatening waves and wind howling so loudly sometimes it is hard to think. Our little boat, the

only place we feel safe in this storm is becoming battered, barely able to keep afloat. But the Lord has asked us to step

out of the boat and come to Him. He’s in the storm, we can trust that He will meet us there and He’s calling us out of the

boat , out of our comfort zones, misplaced trust and religion, to walk on the water in the middle of the storm.

I came across a picture of a couple dancing on the waves… rising above them as if they did not exist. And when I saw the

picture the Lord whispered to my heart why walk on water when you can dance. The Lord isnt just asking us to walk on

the water.. He wants to dance with us. But we have to let Him  lead. It’s not fun and games anymore it’s the real deal and

He needs us to let Him lead. He needs us to trust Him. I love the beautiful picture that he painted in my mind …a sweet

memory that reminded me of how He loves us and what He wants for us.

The waves and the wind are hard to ignore …and I don’t think He’s asking me to ignore them! As a matter fact I feel the

presence of the waves and the wind is further evidence of the faith we have in Him and His lead. The faith it takes to get

out of the boat in the first place. It’s easy when the going is good but when times get rough that’s when what you really

believe comes to the surface. Maybe that is the point of the waves to begin with. In the Bible it says fear not 365 times, once

for everyday of the year, is it because he knows we are easily manipulated by fear …by our enemy. Fear that says stay in the

boat your safer here. We miss out on SO much letting fear get the best of us. We can even be blinded to what the Lord is

doing because of it. I’m done with it, I’ve been done with it! ..and I don’t know about you but I am ready to dance.